Travel Billboard: Sales/Promos

We will be adding another link for promotions being offered for air/hotel packages……..
Cruise Promotions    Cruise specials as of 6/29/2016

All vendors including airlines, tour operators and cruise lines are normally very vague in their advertisement of promotions and sales. 

Our goal in providing you with these promotions and sales offered by travel vendors is to make you aware that they exist and that we are able to coordinate the arrangements for these deals at no additional cost to you.

There are many times a number of restrictions (such as travel dates, booking deadlines, etc) that you need to be made aware of prior to committing to these travel plans.

It would be impossible for us to include all the requirements or limitations of each sale listed by our vendors. For this reason we want to suggest that you either contact us or visit the vendor’s web site for additional information concerning their sale before you attempt to finalize your plans.